Our corporate vision is inspired by the traditional values of our founders.

We advocate a truly shared vision and philosophy where integrity, trust and respect form an integral part in our connectivity with our customers, partners, businesses, supporters and wider society. This equally applies internally within our organisation – thus ensuring that we remain committed to maintaining a dynamic, enriching and safe place to work for our staff, that we meet our environment obligations and more importantly, help create a long term sustainable legacy.

Shared vision with clearly defined objectives

The group's mission and vision is to ensure we "go beyond" that of what is simply acceptable; that we continuously aspire to achieve the highest standards across the board with all our of work, our products, solutions and services. Each member within Rothgen strives to conduct our business operations in a responsible fashion – unified in organisation, in the spirit co-operation and harmoniously as one in achieving its goals.

RothgenRothgen – Our Brand Identity

Rothgen’s heritage and its family of companies have all derived from a founding set of principles: additionally, symbolic meanings which have helped shape the ideas and approach of the entire group – from inception through to the present day organisational structure.

The Rothgen logo is truly reflective of our unique identity and is profoundly representative of the inherent values, beliefs and heritage of our founders. Each colour of the Rothgen logo depicts innate qualities derived from its founders and to which today, they stand true and applicable throughout every part of the group’s operations.

  • Green - Denotes prosperity, growth, harmony and more commonplace today, eco-friendliness and ecology – traits which are reflective of much of our group’s focus, its contemporary work and projects.
  • Orange - Indicative of adaptability – an ability which our organisation must display in a more ever changing world in respect to social change, market evolution, changing consumer habits, and a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Blue – Representative of positivity, longevity, trust and advancement. These are beliefs which permeate throughout all of our work in terms of brand enhancement and in the development of relationships with clients, partners, investors and the wider community.