Rothgen Construction

The company is responsible for a number of integral functions within real estate projects, ranging from the following:

Design & Construction Coordination
Overseeing every aspect of the design process with personnel situated on-site regularly ensures that any real estate project is implemented and completed with the best professional practices and that objectives set out during the planning process are fulfilled. Rothgen Construction seeks to maximise value through deploying project specific experts and applying an optimum mix of proven design and construction methodologies that aim to deliver the highest quality of product build on time and in line with set budgets.

Architectural & Engineering Management
The coordination and management of both architects and engineers begins with the careful selection of the correct team and expertise. Thoughtful planning of their respective professional assignments is a material consideration. Depending on the complexity of any project, various disciplines in addition to teams of industry experts may be involved along with zoning consultants, geo-technical and structural engineers, environmental, facade and curtain wall specialists and interior designers.

In conclusion, every aspect of any project demands an advanced level of diligence, rigorous management and the necessary multitasking solutions to bring these forces together.

Bid Analysis & Construction Buyout
Subsequent to complete sets of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical plans with specifications are submitted to competing general contractors by the Development Team, it is these competing entities who bid to perform and execute the work. During the bid analysis phase, the team evaluates the degree of competition, the reasonableness of the low bid in comparison with engineer estimates, and the presence of mathematical or material imbalances.

Buyout is the transitional time between the pre-construction and the construction phases of a project. It is during the buyout phase, that purchase orders and subcontracts are issued. The Development Team then works closely with both the Construction Management team and general contractors at this stage – this being fundamentally crucial to the overall implementation, conformity to project timeframe and execution of budgetary targets involved with any real estate project.

Rothgen construction

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