Corporate & Social Responsibility

Maintaining a commitment to being a responsible and ethical business

The Rothgen family considers itself passionate about its role in respect to its stakeholders, personnel, wider society and the impacts deriving from its activities. Making this a priority is what ensures we act appropriately as a corporate citizen.

The values and philosophy which have guided Rothgen and its family of companies into the contemporary era have helped formulate the framework for the group in fulfiling its obligations.

Our Approach

As a real estate & property development firm, we are mindful of such considerations and responsibilities which help maintain the safety of our personnel whilst preserving the environment.

Our commitments are exhibited throughout our entire corporate infrastructure and activities with which we engage.


We aspire to create a working environment which is enriching and conducive towards all our staff maximising their full potential.

Maintaining a workplace which helps nurture talent and aides professional development is emblematic of the values and ideals resonating with the Rothgen family, and we aim to sustain a working environment that advocates not only fairness but equal opportunities.

The Environment

Our organisation’s philosophy stipulates “green aspirations”. Throughout our work within the real estate and development sector, we aim to fulfil our commitments to the environment through the application and adherence of sustainability benchmarking and accreditations through relevant industry certification schemes. This includes the adoption of Green Tourism UK criteria for relevant projects with monitoring of overall levels of sustainability via selected criteria in respect to energy efficiency, energy preservation, management, the local supply chain, biodiversity, water and transportation.

Being conscious of our environmental impact, we strive towards practices that embrace sustainability, renewable energy usage and methods which integrate environmentally, eco-friendly principles and solutions.

The Community

Due to the nature of our work, making the local and broader community a priority is fundamental to our organisation. We aim to create a positive effect on those around us and ensure our contribution counts through the work that we do. With our projects, design teams provide support by working with and sourcing products and services from businesses within the local economy.

All construction workers engaged within the “on-site” build phase will receive accredited training in sustainable construction. This training covering core topics such as “Energy in Buildings”, “Airtight Construction”, “Water Management” and “Waste Management” ensures that buildings will not only achieve their design performance but also that there will be minimal environmental impact during what can be the most destructive and potentially damaging phase of any project.