The Rothgen family

Adaptability, Evolutionary and Revolutionary in concept
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The Rothgen Family of Companies Overview



We are a development group focusing on property and real estate assets across the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Within our specialist field of work, we adopt a pioneering, forward-thinking and creative approach – this aiding our abilities to create unique and dynamic opportunities within real estate projects and assets.

Rothgen collaborates closely with its family of companies to make positive and innovative strides in its work, whilst committing to investing for the future with respect to personnel, technological advancement and research & development. Overall, this enables the Rothgen family to deliver effective solutions to its partners, clients and investors.

Rothgen Management

Rothgen Management brings an ownership perspective into the term “management”. Thanks to intensive management and the energy we put into the success of every project, we are able to determine and coordinate superior service to owners and tenants at lesser costs.

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Rothgen management

Rothgen Capital

Rothgen Capital expands upon the entire group’s operations within luxury property & real estate across the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors in the UK and globally.

Benefiting from a wealth of resources, experience and expertise from within the Rothgen Family, Rothgen Capital specialises in the project marketing function for commercial, residential and hospitality related real estate projects and assets deriving from the Rothgen family.

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Rothgen capital

Rothgen Construction

The company is responsible for a number of integral functions within real estate projects, ranging from the following:

• Design & Construction Coordination
• Architectural & Engineering Management
• Bid Analysis & Construction Buyout

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Rothgen Construction

Rothgen Digital Construction

Hosting both industrial and factory facilities, the company engages in the manufacture of new and pioneering fibre composite panels designed to revolutionise the building industry.

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Rothgen digital

Rothgen R&D

Rothgen R&D was formed to engage and conduct research & development activities within the environmental sustainability and construction spaces.

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Rothgen randd

Rothgen Robotics

As a specialist and niche entity within the Rothgen Family, Rothgen Robotics takes a forward-thinking and avant-garde approach to industry trends and wider society within the 21st century.

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Rothgen robotics

The Rothgen familyAcquisition, development, stabilization, repositioning and management of real estate assets